An Introduction

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An Introduction

Surya Public School, situated on Sultanpur Road, is a young institution. Its founder Manager, Mr. S.K. Shukla, an advocate by profession, has served the rural community by providing an English Medium School in Madhar Mau. He is a philanthropist and educationist. The School aims at an all round development of the child, to top his talent and keep in mind the vocational bent of mind in the future.

Amidst the rustic natural sorrounding the school, established in 2008, has flowered from the Nursery to class XII at present. The staff members are highly qualified and capable. Each teacher is dedicated to the school and her profession. The school desire to direct contact with pupil and the parents. In june door to door visit is conducted by the staff in each pupil’s home. It brought the teachers and taught closer Children’s problem were also solved, twice the Parent Teacher Meeting is also held for this purpose.

Reasonable fees and numerable facilities are offered to the child from any home, building up sense of uniformity and equality. Education is emphasized upon.

The school has hostel facilities where yoga & games are compulsory for the curriculum of C.B.S.E. Board New Delhi.

This school aims at giving a value based wholesome quality education to develop along with intellectual excellence and achievement, the multifaceted personality of the child as moral and social being with special emphasis to inculcate healthy moral values. Students are helped to become mature persons imbibed with values to be worthy citizens of our country.


  1. The School is co-educational and provides education to both boys and girls.
  2. Medium of instruction is English, importance is given to Hindi and Sanskrit as second languages of our nations and cultural heritage.
  3. The school has the following sections:
    • Pre-Primary sections – Nursery, Lower Prep and Upper Prep
    • Primary Sections – Class I to V
    • Junior Sections – Class VI to VIII
    • Senior Sections – Class IX to XII
  4. Streams Available for class XI:
    • PCM
    • PCB
    • Commerce
    • Arts(all Subjects avilable)
  5. Courses to Study: General education in all the subjects is provided to all classes.
  6. Co-Curricular Activities: Include Debates (Hindi & English), Elocution (Hindi & English), Music (Indian & Western), Dance (Indian & Western), Drama, Art & Craft, SUPW etc.
  7. Moral Education: A course of moral instruction is given to improve a sound moral value and character formation
  8. Games & Sports: The school provides play field for cricket, football, Hockey etc. Badminton, table Tennis, Basket Ball, Volleyball, Gymnastics & Athletics.
  9. Physical Education: Regular fitness training is provided through P.T. as part of the curriculum.
  10. Programs & Functions: Republic Day, Independence Day, Parents Day, Teachers Day etc. are celebrated with cultural programs and field activities.
  11. Other Activities: Picnics, Excursion and various competitions are organized

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