Rules Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

General Rules

  1. Students are urged to contribute to the high standard or the school by their manners and general behavior.
  2. Honesty, Politeness, Courtesy, cleanliness, silence, attentions to work and respect of teachers land co students are the main concern of the school. The school should be looked upon a place of reverence and discipline.
  3. Silence must be maintained at all places during teaching hours.
  4. Students must always speak in English in the school premises.
  5. The School does not accept responsibility for the loss of books and property of the students.
  6. Students at all costs mush avoid writing or carving on walls or furniture.
  7. The principal may punish a student for habitual idleness, disobedience or misconduct injurious to the moral tone of the school.
  8. Students are not allowed to carry Mobile Phones.

Promotion Rules

  1. Pass marks in each subject is 40%.
  2. All cases of doubt regarding promotion are left entirely to the discretion of the principal parents must not come for reconsideration once the decision has been made.
  3. Parents/Guardian must sign the report card which is sent and return it within three days.
  4. The school does not undertake to retain answer scripts after distribution the report cards for more than 30 days.
  5. A student failing for two successive years will have to be withdrawn.
  6. A Month’s notice for withdrawal must be given in writing in school on the prescribed form available at the school office, duly acknowledged, by the office, or a month’s fee in lieu thereof, before the withdrawal of the candidate. Generally it takes a week after submission the withdrawal form to issue the Transfer Certificate.

Fee Rules

  1. Fee must be paid by the prescribed date in the school office, failing of which is a fine of Rs. 30 will be charged from 15th to 20th, and 21st to 30th will be fined Rs. 50 till the end of the month Rs. 100.
  2. If the fee is not paid by the last working day of the month, the name of the students maybe struck off the school. In all such cases readmission fee will be charged at the time of admission.
  3. Monthly fee in cash will be accepted in the school office on all working days during the following hours :
    Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 1:00 Pm
    Saturday: 10:00 am to 12:00 noon.
  4. Fee defaulter students may not be allowed to appear for the examination and report card will not be given unless all dues have been cleared.

Leave Rules


We strictly follow the below rules regarding leave. Students and parents are advised to follow the leave rules and make sure that there should be very small period of leave.

  1. A minimum attendance of 75% of the working days is required for promotion. Students should come in time for the general assembly. Late comers are liable to be sent home or detained after school hours.
  2. NO student should leave the school premises during the school hours without the permission of the Principal which is granted on a written request of Parents.
  3. No exemption or deduction in fee will be made on account of local periods, holidays or absence due to any cause.
  4. No leave of absence for the whole day or a part there of is granted except for serious cases and only on the previous written application for the parents or guardians.
  5. A student who is irregular to call due to festivals, marriage celebrations, trips, visits to relations and places and request late comers will be asked to discontinue.
  6. Except for duly approved reasons extensions of vacations is not permitted, students who extend their holiday for more than seven days after the vacation without sanction will have their names struck off the rolls.
  7. Application for medical leave for more than seven days should be accompanied with a medical certificate by a doctor who is M.B.B.S. If this leave continues for more than seven days, the Principal must be informed.
  8. All leave applications must bear the signature of the parents or in their absence the guardian. Failing to bring such an application for leave, will make the students liable to be sent home.
  9. A student who is absent from the class continuously for ten days or more without the leave sanctioned by the Principal may have his name struck off the rolls without any notice. If readmitted he will have to pay the full admission fee.

A Note to Parents


Parents are advised to read this note for their children.

  1. Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities and the teachers by enforcing regularity and discipline, supervising the lessons, taking active parting the college activities and by sending their children to school in proper uniform.
  2. Occasional remarks from by the teachers and the principal are made in the school diary for the information of the parents. In such cases they must sign the diary to show their acknowledgment.
  3. Parents are expected to sign the diary to show their acknowledgment, sent for it. Failure to do so may put their children to great inconvenience. They should particularly check their leave absence record.
  4. When communication with the principal, parents/guardians are requested to mention in their letter the name of the student, class and section.
  5. Parents/Guardians’ may be permitted to meet their children or meet the teacher during school hours with the permission of the Principal.
  6. Tipping the servants either during or after school hours must be avoided at all costs.
  7. Parents must intimate the school whenever their residential address or telephone numbers are changed in order to communicate to them or urgent matters, in the interest of their children.
  8. Whenever notice is given for the parents – teacher meeting, the parents must attend it and discuss the progress of their children/wards. They can always help to the progress of the institution by way of suggestions, guidance and especially by their cooperation.


The Principal reserves the right to add or change the rules contained in this book without assigning any reason for his action.

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