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The Administration department at Surya Public School is dedicated to upholding the dignity and proper conduct of the school. The School Managing Committee takes full responsibility for policy decisions and financial management. The school is equipped with a team of highly qualified, experienced, skilled, and dedicated staff members.


Admission are based on availabilty of seats. Our school welcomes students from diverse backgrounds and provides quality education. The admission process follows a fair and transparent system. Parents or guardians interested in enrolling their child are required to complete the application form, which can be obtained, along with the necessary documents, should be submitted within the specified deadlines.


Absences should be reported to the school office in advance or on the same day. Students who have been absent should submit a written explanation from their parents or guardians upon their return. For students of class IX onwards 75% of minimum attendance is required as per board and curtrooms otherwise they will be allowed to sit for the Annual Examination/Board Examination and a minimum of 90% attendance is compulsary for all students to appear for the school.

Ban on Mobile Phone & Motor Cycle

In order to maintain a conducive learning environment and ensure the safety and focus of students, the school has implemented a ban on mobile phones. Students are not allowed to carry mobile phones during school hours, including in classrooms, hallways, and other school premises. This policy aims to minimize distractions, promote face-to-face communication, and prevent misuse of electronic devices. We request the cooperation of students, parents, and staff to adhere to this policy for the benefit of everyone involved.
For the safety and well-being of students, the school has implemented a ban on motorcycles within the school premises. This policy applies to both students and visitors. Motorcycles are not allowed to be ridden or parked within the designated school areas. This measure aims to prevent accidents, minimize noise pollution, and ensure the overall security of the school environment.

Optional Subjects

Our school offers a variety of optional subjects to cater to the diverse interests and talents of students. These subjects provide an opportunity for students to explore and develop their skills beyond the core curriculum. Students may choose from a range of options, which may include arts, music, computer science, physical education, foreign languages, and more.Student must select the optional subject very carefully. Ones registered

Parent-Teacher Meeting

Regular parent-teacher meetings are scheduled throughout the academic year to foster effective communication and collaboration between parents, teachers, and school administrators.he school encourages active participation from parents in these meetings, as they play a crucial role in supporting their child’s education. Parent-Teacher meeting on the almost every second saturday of month through the school will notify parents of the scheduled meetings well in advance, and we urge parents to make every effort to attend.

Co-Curricular Activities

At our school, we believe in providing a well-rounded education that extends beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom setting. To accomplish this, we offer a diverse range of co-curricular activities that aim to foster the holistic development of our students.Here are some of the exciting co-curricular activities that take place at our school:

Debate Competition

The art of persuasion and logical reasoning takes center stage in our vibrant debate competitions. Students engage in lively discussions on thought-provoking topics, honing their public speaking skills, critical thinking abilities, and ability to present a well-reasoned argument.

Quiz Competition

Challenge your knowledge and quick thinking skills in our thrilling quiz competitions. Students showcase their general knowledge across a wide range of subjects, fostering curiosity and encouraging continuous learning.

Speech Competition

Confidence takes center stage in our speech competitions. Students deliver powerful speeches, addressing important topics and communicating their ideas with clarity and conviction. This activity enhances public speaking skills, critical thinking, and persuasive abilities.

Handwriting Competition

Elegance meets precision in our handwriting competitions. Students take pride in their penmanship and strive for excellence in their writing skills, focusing on legibility, neatness, and artistic flair.

Essay Writing Competition

Through essay writing competitions, students get an opportunity to express their thoughts, ideas, and perspectives on a given topic. This activity encourages effective communication, critical analysis, and creativity in written expression.

Composing Poem Competition

Unleash your inner poet and dive into the world of metaphors, rhythm, and emotions. In our composing poem competitions, students create original works of poetry, experimenting with different styles, themes, and poetic devices.

Creative Writing Competition

Imagination takes flight in our creative writing competitions. Students explore their storytelling abilities, crafting engaging narratives and exploring different genres, such as short stories, descriptive essays, or fictional accounts.

Painting Competition

The world becomes their canvas in our vibrant painting competitions. Students unleash their creativity, using colors, textures, and forms to convey their ideas, emotions, and perspectives. It’s a visual feast that celebrates artistic expression.

Music Competition

Melodies, harmonies, and rhythms fill the air in our music competitions. From vocal performances to instrumental solos and ensembles, students showcase their musical talents, nurturing their passion for music and fostering teamwork among performers.
Participating in these co-curricular activities offers numerous benefits to students. They develop essential life skills such as communication, teamwork, time management, creativity, and leadership. Additionally, these activities provide a platform for students to discover and nurture their talents, boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • All the students are expected to take part in games, sports and other school activities organized by the school.
  • The principal will take action against those students who absent themselves from such activities. Active involvement in Inter-House activities and compulsory presence at school functions when requested is mandatory.

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