Surya Public School Madhur Mau Sultanpur Road Lucknow

Why SPS?

Why Choose Surya Public School?

Nurturing Excellence in Education Selecting the right school for your child is a crucial decision that can shape their educational journey and future success. At Surya Public School, we take pride in offering a comprehensive package of benefits and features that set us apart as a premier educational institution. Here are the compelling reasons why choosing us is an excellent choice for your child:

English Medium Education

At Surya Public School, we provide a top-notch English medium education that equips students with strong communication skills and proficiency in the English language. Our immersive approach to language learning ensures that students are well-prepared for a globalized world, where English is increasingly becoming the language of opportunity.

Modern Infrastructure

Our school boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure designed to provide a stimulating and conducive learning environment. We have well-equipped classrooms, science and computer labs, libraries, sports facilities, and dedicated spaces for co-curricular activities. Our modern facilities enhance the overall educational experience and facilitate effective learning across a wide range of subjects.

Dedicated Faculty

We understand that the quality of education is heavily dependent on the expertise and dedication of the teaching faculty. At Surya Public School, we have a team of highly qualified and experienced educators who are passionate about teaching. They go beyond the textbooks to inspire and motivate students, ensuring that they receive the best possible guidance and support to excel academically.

Full-Fledged Institution

Surya Public School is a full-fledged educational institution that caters to students from preschool to higher secondary levels. This allows us to provide a seamless and consistent educational journey for your child, eliminating the need for transitions between different schools at critical stages of their development. We offer a comprehensive curriculum that is aligned with national educational standards and prepares students for future academic pursuits.

Co-Curricular Activities

We strongly believe in the holistic development of our students. Alongside academic excellence, we offer a wide range of co-curricular activities that nurture their talents, foster creativity, and promote physical fitness. Students have opportunities to participate in debate competitions, quizzes, art competitions, music and dance events, sports tournaments, and more. These activities help students discover their passions, build self-confidence, and develop essential life skills.

Transportation Facilities

We understand the importance of convenient transportation for students and their families. Surya Public School provides safe and reliable transportation services, ensuring that students can commute to and from school comfortably. Our fleet of well-maintained buses is staffed with trained drivers and conductors who prioritize the safety and well-being of our students.

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