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At Surya Public School, we strive to provide our students with the best possible learning environment, and that includes top-notch infrastructure designed to facilitate their academic and personal growth. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the classroom, with a wide range of facilities and amenities that cater to the diverse needs and interests of our students. Let's take a closer look at the outstanding infrastructure available at Surya Public School.

Safety and Security

Surya Public School double sure on the safety and security of our students. We have implemented strict security measures, including CCTV surveillance,Well trained security guards, and restricted access to the campus. Fire safety systems and regular drills are in place to ensure a safe learning environment for everyone. Parents and the Local Guardians (as per the entries in the Admission Form) are allowed to meet the Hostel Students.

At Surya Public School, we believe that a well-designed and well-maintained infrastructure plays a crucial role in providing a holistic education to our students. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the range of facilities and amenities we offer, enabling our students.

atal tinkering lab

Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL) at Surya Public School is an innovative and dynamic space that fosters creativity, problem-solving, and hands-on learning among students. This state-of-the-art facility provides a platform for young minds to explore and develop skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool at Surya Public School offers students a myriad of benefits. Firstly, it serves as an avenue for physical fitness and exercise. Swimming is a low-impact activity that engages the entire body, helping students to build strength, endurance, and flexibility. Regular swimming sessions can improve cardiovascular health, enhance lung capacity, and promote overall well-being.


We understand the importance of safe and convenient transportation for our students. To ensure their comfort and security, we provide a well-maintained fleet of buses with experienced drivers and attendants. Our transportation system covers a wide network, ensuring that students can reach school and return home safely and efficiently.

At Surya Public School, we ensure that our campus encompasses all infrastructure essentials, ranging from well-equipped laboratories to meticulously maintained classrooms. We spare no effort in ensuring a comprehensive and conducive environment that paves the way for a promising future for our students.


The health and well-being of our students are of utmost importance to us. We have a dedicated medical room equipped to handle any medical emergencies or provide basic first aid. Trained medical staff are available on campus to ensure the well-being of our students and provide immediate assistance when needed. Regular health check-ups and awareness programs further contribute to a healthy and safe environment.

At Surya Public School, we prioritize the inclusion of essential infrastructure facilities on our campus. From well-equipped laboratories to meticulously maintained classrooms, we ensure that no aspect is overlooked in our commitment to enhancing students’ future prospects.


Knowledge knows no bounds, and our well-stocked library is a testament to that belief. Our library is a treasure trove of books, magazines, periodicals, and reference materials, catering to the varied interests and academic needs of our students. It serves as a hub for research, self-study, and leisure reading, fostering a love for literature and expanding horizons beyond the prescribed curriculum.

Library Rules

  • Strict silence has to be observed in the library at all times.
  • No one is permitted to take a book from the library without the permission of the librarian and having it duly entered.
  • Books are issues to the use of the borrower and should not be lent to anybody else.
  • Reference books will not be issued.
  • Students should take great care in handling the books.
  • Tearing of pages and pictures from the books and magazines is awfully bad habit which must be avoided at all costs.
  • The attention of the Librarian must be drawn to the books if the intending borrower finds damaged.
  • Damage done to the books and magazines must be made good by the borrower.
  • In case the book is lost the entire cost has to deposit with the Librarian.
  • Failure to return a book by the due date incurs a fine of Rs. 1/- per day for the time the book is overdue.
  • Books and magazines taken out for reference must be replaced in the same place form where they were taken.
  • All books must be returned before the beginning of each examination. Failure to do so will debar the student from appearing in the examinations.
  • It is highly recommended that the students take the guidance of the teachers while selection the books.
  • Laboratory

    Scientific inquiry and hands-on experimentation are integral to our curriculum. Our fully equipped laboratories provide students with the necessary tools and resources to delve into the realms of physics, chemistry, biology, and other scientific disciplines. These labs serve as a space for students to conduct experiments, develop critical thinking skills, and apply theoretical concepts in a practical setting.

    Surya Public School makes sure to include all the necessary infrastructural commodities in the campus, from laboratory to well maintained class-room we got it all covered and leave no stone unturned to brighten student’s future.

    Computer Lab

    In today’s digital age, computer literacy is a necessity. Our well-equipped computer lab offers students the opportunity to develop their computer skills, explore educational software, and engage in coding and programming activities. With high-speed internet connectivity and the latest hardware and software, students can navigate the world of technology with confidence and proficiency.


    The classrooms at Surya Public School are designed to promote an optimal learning environment. They are spacious, well-ventilated, and equipped with modern teaching aids and audio-visual equipment. Each classroom is thoughtfully arranged to facilitate interactive learning, collaboration, and student engagement. Our dedicated and passionate teachers create a conducive atmosphere for academic growth and intellectual exploration.

    At Surya Public School, we understand the significance of a carefully planned and properly maintained infrastructure in delivering a comprehensive education to our students. We are dedicated to upholding high standards, as evidenced by the array of facilities and amenities we provide, which empower our students to thrive.

    House System

    To instill a sense of belonging and foster healthy competition, our school follows a house system. Students are divided into different houses, each led by a house captain and supported by faculty members. Inter-house competitions and activities nurture teamwork, leadership skills, and a healthy spirit of camaraderie among students.

    At Surya Public School, we recognize the significance of a meticulously planned and well-maintained infrastructure in delivering a comprehensive education to our students. Our dedication to achieving the highest standards is evident in the wide array of facilities and amenities we provide, empowering our students.


    The temple at Surya Public School serves as a sacred space where students can engage in prayers, rituals, and other religious activities associated with Lord Shiva. We recognize the importance of instilling values of tolerance and respect for different religions. In this context, we have incorporated a temple within our school premises for religious harmony. It is designed to reflect architectural style and aesthetics, providing a serene and contemplative environment for spiritual practices.

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